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About me

My name is Luca Cavallin and I am a fine art photographer heavily geared towards landscape photography, currently based out of The Netherlands (raised in Italy, but moved here when I was 20). I first fell in love with photography as a child: I used to take pictures with my parent’s camera and got my own shortly after. After a brief hiatus, I reignited my passion for photography while at the same time being amazed by the landscape in The Netherlands. Although the sights here are somewhat mundane, there's still an aura of mystery that resonates with me. 

The most important part of my photography is my vision. Photography is not just an act of recording what you see, it is more of what you feel and believe. My art is about expressing my imagination and acts as a creative outlet for me. My photography style plays on the boundaries of mystery and alluring, creating (mostly) dark yet playful imagery with a hint of enchantment!  

My images are not the RAW files taken straight out of the camera, but the edits are not just for the sake of visual appeal. Although that is a major point, it also further expresses my vision. I believe that any good photographer can shoot a similar photo, but it is the editing that adds a personal flavour to the image. Some editing can spice up even the most boring landscapes!

If you would like to see my prints hanging on your walls – or would just like to talk about my photography, please feel free to contact me.  


I'm available for local projects and to answer any questions you might have regarding prints, presets, sky replacement bundles or NFTs.

Use the form to inquire about rates, availability, products, or just to say hi.


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Retail business photography for Europe's leading online boardshop. 

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