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About me

My name is Luca Cavallin and besides being a full-time Software Engineer, I am also a photographer, heavily geared towards landscape and aerial photography, and based in The Netherlands. As a child, I started taking pictures with my parents' camera and got my own shortly after. There have been a number of brief hiatuses, but I keep coming back to take more pictures!

My art and photography aren't just about nice visions, they are means to express my feelings and beliefs and they act as my creative outlet of choice. I enjoy doing heavy edits on my shots, but not just for the sake of visual appeal. Although that is a major point, it also further expresses my vision. Editing that adds a personal flavour to the image, and also gives me something to do on rainy days!


I am available for local projects and to answer any questions you might have regarding prints, presets, NFTs, other items from the shop or whatever else you might want to talk about. Feel free to reach out ;)


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Retail business photography for Europe's leading online boardshop. 

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