Zima Zaandam

What makes photography resonate with the word “fine art”? Well, a Vision. Yes, fine art photography is a technique that a photographer uses to communicate his vision to the target audience at large. A camera is just a mere tool for communication. If put in terms of aesthetics, a fine art photograph is the closest one can get to the pinnacle of visual storytelling after a painting. Both painting and photography, fine arts more so, can convey a deeper meaning to the observer of the image. This being my first article, I felt a need to elaborate on fine arts photography and break it down to the most fundamental of its definition so the visitors can get the gist of what they are getting themselves into. 

About the image

Coming to the photograph itself now, this Zima aesthetic one is seeing in the picture is captured so the moodiness of the image appeals to the viewer’s eyes. At surface level, this picture is of Zaanse Schans, a place in Zaandam, Netherlands, known for its majestic windmills and magnificent countryside. What makes the photo scream fine art is  how the smoke rising from the industrial region complements the dark blue shadows of clouds. The highlights as one sees, have been colored blue to give a nice touch of gloominess along with a cold winter vibe. The industrial region here is kept in the slightly darker shades of blue so the undertone spectrum of blue is maintained. Even the lighter parts, as mentioned previously have been given a spin of blue. That is to say, from the water body near the windmills to the clouds and smoke coming from industries, blues have been maintained. This is the reason for the mystical tale feel set in Scandinavia that you are probably having by taking a glance at this photo. As one viewer said while I photographed this, “This photo screams winter is coming!”.

About the Photographer

Luca Cavallin (nylavak.com). I am fine art photographer based in the Netherlands. I have gained expertise in capturing mystical landscapes that tell a tale like no other. By taking a touch of Ansel’s landscapes and giving it a modern spin under the light of fine art, I make my photographs out from the rest. This photograph is available in form of a print in the STORE, where you can browse other artworks as well. 

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