Naarden is a beautiful town in the green Gooi region. The city is one of the best preserved fortified towns in Europe. Naarden was one of the most important defense works of the New Dutch Waterline and still is breathtaking. In this video, you can have a look at it from above!


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Meet the Artist

Luca Cavallin

Hi there! Besides being a full-time Software Engineer, I am also an artist based in The Netherlands. While photography is my favourite medium, I like to create drone footage and generative art or Photoshop edits too.

My art isn't just about nice visions, it is a way to express my feelings and beliefs and it acts as a solid creative outlet. I try to create dark visions with colourful details, not just for the sake of visual appeal, but also because it further expresses my inner vision. Editing can add a personal flavour to photography, and also gives me something to do on rainy days!

Feel free to reach out to me at


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